Retractable Shade Sails

A modern, innovative solution for outdoor living or dining, retractable shade sails (also known as sail awnings) allow you to create a shaded oasis from the harsh Houston heat anywhere you desire. Custom-made for your specific application, retractable shade sails maximize the potential of any open space – whether a backyard, restaurant patio, outdoor party venue, or anything in between.

A truly versatile product, shade sails are free-standing structures that are self-supported by sleek, stainless steel poles. Certain lines of our stand-alone sail awnings allow for 335° rotation, so that you may cast the shade exactly where you need to protect you from the Texas sun at any time of day.

Retractable shade sails are fabricated using an exclusive canvas material, commonly used in nautical settings, that provides protection from the harsh sun while extended, yet can completely retract in seconds using a manual or motorized operating system. Optional wind sensors ensure that the sail automatically closes in strong winds.

We offer custom retractable shade sails from Corradi USA and a variety other window treatment manufacturers. To inquire about the availability of a specific brand, please contact us.

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Our Process

1. Choose Your Shade From Our Vast Selection

2. Receive a Quotation

3. On-Site Measuring and Consultation

4. Custom Manufacturing

5. Professional Installation

6. Service and Support