Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters instantly boost the curb-appeal of your home by adding charm and character and creating an inviting architectural feel. Whether you are seeking more of a classic and traditional home exterior or would like to add bold, colorful accents to make your house stand out – our custom outdoor shutters combine modern style and historical significance for unparalleled exterior charm.

All of our exterior shutters are made-to-order and hand-assembled to your exact specifications, whether your windows are rectangular or specialty shaped, such as arched windows. Choose to have your outdoor shutters manufactured using solid, real wood or an exterior-grade composite wood.

Solid Wood Exterior Shutters

For those traditionalists seeking only a genuine, solid wood product, The Shade Shop offers a line of exterior shutters made of 100% cedar wood. We have carefully chosen cedar for our premium wooden shutters not only for its beautiful fine-grained appearance, but for its natural durability.

More naturally resistant to decay, insects, and weather elements than any other wood, cedar has natural tannins that respond beautifully to either painting or staining. Every piece of cedar we use is carefully selected and kiln-dried to reduce its moisture content and prevent the wood from expanding due to exposure to the elements.

All of our solid wood exterior shutters come with a limited warranty. We believe in being upfront with our customers and always making them aware that solid wood shutters on the exterior of your home will not withstand the test of time without regular maintenance. For a more hassle-free product that will outlast both you and your home, we recommend exterior shutters made of composite wood.

Composite Wood Exterior Shutters

Our exterior-grade, composite wood exterior shutters are created using a patented process that combines wood with zinc borate and pneloic resins to fashion a shutter that will never crack, split, rot, peel, or flake. This proprietary formula of superior-quality materials, combined with exceptional engineering and craftsmanship make for an exterior shutter that will add a lifetime of charm without any maintenance required. The uncompromising durability of composite wood makes this an ideal solution for residential and commercial projects alike.
In addition to withstanding the inevitable wear and tear of time, our composite wood exterior shutters are as stylish as they are timeless. Fully customizable and available in styles that are elegant, traditional, adventurous, and everything in between, they are hand-assembled to beautifully reflect any personality.

Whether you choose solid wood or composite wood exterior shutters, each custom shutter undergoes an advanced finishing process for enduring, vibrant color– whether you select a standard or custom-matched color. With two coats of specially-formulated, industrial-grade paint or stain, your exterior shutters will always maintain their deep, rich color.

Choose from an expansive collection of Raised Panel shutters, Louvered Colonial shutters, Bahama shutters, Board and Batten style shutters, and Faux Louver shutters – coupled with authentic, period-inspired hardware – to create unparalleled exterior charm for any of your exterior shutter needs.

We offer custom exterior shutters from Atlantic Premium Shutters, Herbus Shutters, and a variety other manufacturers. To inquire about the availability of a specific brand, please feel free to contact us.

Looking for something else? The Shade Shop also specializes in custom-made interior plantation shutters and operable exterior shutter enclosures.

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